TitlePredictive Control of Power Converters in Hybrid Micro-Energy Systems


Zhenbin Zhang

Prof. Zhenbin Zhang
School of Electrical Engineering
Shandong University


Title: How to Maximize the Performance of Power Electronic Systems with Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control

Petros Karamanakos

Prof. Petros Karamanakos
Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences
Tampere University, Tampere, Finland




Title: Model Predictive Control of AC Motor Drives

Yongchang Zhang

Prof. Yongchang Zhang
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

North China Electric Power University



Title: Latest Advances in Robust Predictive Control of Motor Drives

S. Alireza Davari

Dr. S. Alireza Davari

Shahid Rajaee University


Title:  Model Predictive Control under Disturbances: Performance, Safety, and Stability

Jun Yang

Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Loughborough University

Chuanlin Zhang

College of Automation Engineering

Shanghai University of Electric Power

Yunda Yan

School of Engineering and Sustainable Development

De Montfort University